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CREATED:June 9th, 1997
UPDATED:January 9th, 1998

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Hey kids, welcome to The "official" Local Rabbits Site. Here you can dip your feet into the pool of the Local Rabbits by rocking out to sound clips, ogling photos, enriching your word vocabulary by reading articles about them, make your mark in the guestbook and rave, and much more. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to send all your comments and suggestions to me. We're currently going through some major renovations at the moment, to fully improve the site. It should be back to normal in a bit. Have fun!

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  • This week's question in the voting booth is "What's your fave song from You Can't Touch This? Exercise your right to vote, and submit your ballot today! Also check out the results of the last poll, "What's your favorite LR video?"
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Click here to read Maow's kind words about playing with the Local Rabbits, from their 1996 tour, straight from their Mint Records tour diaries. I'd have to say this was a match made in heaven!

And remember kids, this star will lead you back home.

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